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A new spin on the classic hanjie puzzle. Four cells at a time or classic hanjie.

Mega Hanjie Nonogram Griddlers

A random nonogram puzzle generator. Also called hanjie, griddlers, or paint by numbers.

A new and challenging spin on the classic hanjie puzzle game. Play by 4 cells at a time or play classic hanjie.

Try and solve the game by filling in the grid using the given number pattern clues.

Play classic grid sizes of 5x5, 10x10, 15x15, 20x20, or 25x25.

Save as many games as you like to solve later.

Colorful interface with unique game options including hints, solved column/row indicators, and a 'solve' option to have the puzzle solved for you.

Blocks can be marked by tapping on the block or with a 'mark' button by highlighting the block with horizontal and vertical scrolling bars (comes in handy with larger grids).

Random game generator for billions of possible game layouts.
Never play the same game twice.

Customize your nonogram and play any size from 4 to 25 vertically or horizontally.

-This app is a 'Random' nonogram game generator. As an inevitable and unavoidable result with the millions upon millions of possible combinations for these types of grid layouts there is bound to be more than one possible solution for a given grid however only one for the selected game.
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