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Categories: Puzzle

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Solve the mystery of the delicious desserts in Hidden Objects - Dessert Making, a seek and find puzzle game that's as tasty as chocolate cak

Hidden Objects: Dessert Making

Solve the mystery of the delicious desserts in Hidden Objects - Dessert Making, a seek and find puzzle game that's as tasty as chocolate cakes! You'll solve puzzles as you hunt down different desserts across a variety of stages. Have your cake, and solve its mystery, too!

Combine chocolate dessert with item puzzles and you get a game as addictive as it is scrumptious. Search for out of place items as you explore a wonderful world of cake and candy, solving puzzles and untangling one mystery after another. Work fast, you don't want your ice cream to melt!

There are three types of puzzles to complete in Hidden Objects - Dessert Making: word lists, silhouette puzzles, and standard picture levels. The easiest scenes include images of items. Look at the picture, find its match and you're done! Silhouette puzzles only show you the outline of objects, forcing you to guess what you're looking for. The most difficult levels use word lists that only tell you what to find, you have to guess the shape!

Find chocolate desserts and delicious cakes in this tasty game of mystery and intrigue!

- A full hidden object mystery packed with challenge!
- Solve puzzles as you find every item on the list.
- Three different types of stages: item pictures, outlines, and word lists.
- Amazing desserts that will make you want to lick your screen!

How to Play:
- Look carefully at each screen and try to locate items on the list.
- Tap an item to collect it. Work fast for a better score!
- Use the map to navigate the seasonal settings.
- If you're stuck, you can buy hints to help you out.

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