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In a world where the siren call of priceless jewels rules the population, it is your mission to break the spell cast by these precious gems that

Jewel Star

In a world where the siren call of priceless jewels rules the population, it is your mission to break the spell cast by these precious gems that has the populace enthralled in their glittering world of extravagant glitz. Don't let their old world Hollywood glamour fool you, these gems that whisper dictatorial words to their subordinates are bad news and you need to crush them to oblivion if anyone is to be free of their rule.
Jewel Match Mania is the latest and greatest breakthrough in the puzzle genre. Matching jewels has never been this interesting and exciting before! In this enthralling game with incredible special effects you will travel through different levels and blast through challenges in a frenzy to collect the most points. Adventures of the sparkling kind await you when you download this jewel match 3 game.

The satisfying game play and awesome visual effects of this match 3 jewel game is beyond compare. Explosive fun awaits you as you blast your way through each exciting level. Use your amazing skills to match three or more matching tiles by dragging one jewel to line up with matching jewels. Combine as many jewels as possible in order to win. This simple yet addicting game improves your reactivity. Be smart, be fast... and win big!

-Combos– Swipe to match three or more in a row and score special signs. Experiment to see all of them!
-Challenge yourself– Play a variety of challenging levels and never get bored!
-Be a Game Blitz– Earn as many points as fast as you can.

-Portals– Watch out for these random opponents on the game board, for if you get too close, your jewels will be transferred to another location if they fall through a portal.
- Bombs –Win big with the two special advance bombs that you can purchase in-app or win as you advance through levels. These booming bombs destroy all jewels of the same line in one shot so new ones appear and you have more chances to finish the level.
- Stones – These stones appear at random in different levels and in order for them to disappear, you need to destroy the jewels around them.
- Frozen Signs – Special iced tiles appear at random on the game board. You need to destroy the jewels around the one that is frozen so you can destroy the ice.
- Locks – Locks appear at random and the tiles will slide down beside the lock but the lock will not move.
- Rocks – Rocks appear throughout the game and tiles near them must be destroyed so they disappear and you can conquer the levels.

This amazing match 3 game isn't associated with Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, Farm Hero Saga, or Bejeweled nor does it use any of the characters associated with these games. Lucky for you, this fantastic match game is unique unto itself with its own set of fun and exciting challenges.
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