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Forget knights in shining armor, it's the dragons who are the stars of this crazy fun match three adventure game. The magic dragons of Avena

Crush Mania

Forget knights in shining armor, it's the dragons who are the stars of this crazy fun match three adventure game. The magic dragons of Avenaleah have lived in peace for many centuries here in this secluded corner of the world, but those darned knights with their clunky armor, pathetic weapons and silly notions of the dragon kind have declared war upon their scaled neighbors. While the dragons were no match for the puny humans, the knights were swift in snatching up dragon eggs and cunning in their hiding places.

It's up to you now to help the dragons collect their unhatched young and put to rights their roarsome kingdom. To succeed in this monumental task, you must connect the dragon eggs to make them crack so the new babies can emerge and the land of Avenaleah can once again be the place of legends.

Match 3 or more dragon eggs as quick as you can. Clear the level and move on to the next challenging level full of stunning artwork and intense time trials. Make matches and explore this wildly addictive and classic gem swap style game that offers popular arcade fun in six challenging modes. Do you have what it takes to beat the game? Tricky obstacles await you throughout the levels, but don't let those cunning knights stump you. You are the hero of this smash hit game and it's your mission to overcome every challenge you meet. Using your matching skills, dash through levels and become the ultimate match three victor!


-Create Specials– Use the create new specials to blast away dragon eggs faster than ever.
-Combos– Swipe to match three or more dragon eggs in a row while enjoying nine new egg combos.
-Challenge Yourself– Beat the clock and make as many matches as you can.


-Portals– Beware these random opponents on your game board. When you encounter them, your tiles will be transferred to another location if you are unlucky enough to have an egg fall through one of these tile-hungry portals.
- Frozen Tiles – When you encounter these iced tiles you will need to destroy those tiles around them so you can complete the level.
- Bombs –Score major points with two special advance bombs that you can purchase in-app or win as you advance through levels. These booming bombs annihilate all tiles of the same line in one shot so new ones appear and you have more chances to beat the level.
- Stones – These blockades appear at random in different levels and in order for them to disappear, you need to destroy the tiles around them.
- Locks – Locks will randomly appear, and while the tiles will slide down beside the lock, the lock will not move.
- Rocks – Rocks pop up throughout the game and tiles near them must be destroyed for them disappear.


This amazing match three game isn't associated with Candy Crush Saga, Farm Hero Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, or
Bejeweled nor does it use any of the characters that are associated with these puzzle games. Lucky for you, this fantastic puzzle game is unique unto itself with its own set of fun and exciting challenges with you as the star.

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