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Unique challenges and explosively addicting game play are yours when you download Fruit Crush for your phone or tablet. Exciting time trials, in

Fruit Crush

Unique challenges and explosively addicting game play are yours when you download Fruit Crush for your phone or tablet. Exciting time trials, innovative power-ups, and fruit crushing fun are center stage in this popular and classic gem swap game. You'll be addicted from the first match as you navigate vivid HD graphics in this easy to play yet challenging to master puzzle adventure masterpiece. Clear the levels and achieve high scores all while enjoying wildly addictive frenzy trials as you play the hero of this juicy fruit saga!
Help the gnomes of Mushroom Glen save their gorgeous and colorful homeland from destruction! For centuries these hardworking lawn ornaments have toiled in gardens all over the world to inspire beautiful fruit-filled landscapes for all to enjoy. But now, despite the peace they have shared these many years, the gnomes have broken off into clans, each aiming to grow bigger and better fruits than their neighbors. While it was just all in fun to begin with, now these clans have started fighting dirty. It's up to you to help save the gardens of these lawn ornaments from sabotaging the efforts of their ancestors. Help break through the obstacles in each challenging puzzle level and save the bright fruit worlds of these splendid gardens. Play now and save Mushroom Glen before it's too late!
Fruit Crush is a special treat unlike any other! This puzzle game is not associated with Candy Crush Saga nor any of its sequels. The entire game board, from its tiles to its innovative objectives are unique to this game. This simple one-touch saga is an addictive arcade filled adventure with beautiful backgrounds and irresistible characters. Play for free now!

-Compose a chain of three or more identical fruits
-Watch out got frozen fruit that must be thawed and cannot be freed until you match all the fruit around them
-Beware portals as these obstacles are the worst of the clan's sneaky tricks
-Enjoy time challenges where you must make as many match combinations as you can before time runs out
-Destroy level-blocking locks

-Impressive visuals
-Easy to control and fun to play
-Beautiful gems with various effects
-Funny, clever obstacles
-Highly polished interface
-Explore all the levels and enjoy hours of addicting fruit legend fun
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