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New Content- Coliseum map is here!!*****************************************************************************************************

Stunt Car Arena - MULTIPLAYER

New Content
- Coliseum map is here!!

A Real-time Multiplayer Driving and Racing Game

Challenge your friends and people around the world in our awesome play modes!

Race around our open worlds and collect the falling coins. Gold, Silver and bronze coins... Player with most coins after each round wins.

One player begins as an infected Zombie. Then he has to chase and hunt down the rest of the players. Whoever is caught joins him. Racing to survive when 7 real live Zombie Cars are chasing you is an experience you can't get anywhere else but in this game only.

This is a classic mode: Flags spawn at random locations around the maps. All the players have to race each other to capture the flags. Whoever gets there first gets to keep it and then move onto the next flag. Player with most flags captured wins.

*** Coming Soon ***

*** Coming Soon ***

Stunt Car Arena (Single Player) is an exciting free-roaming driving game. Go anywhere you want in the sandbox arena whilst collecting fuel and health pickups to keep your car going, your fuel is always running down so find as much as you can. The pickups are hidden everywhere around the arena, take on the obstacles and challenging mini games including Football and Bowling as you try to find them all! Earn stunt score as you drive around by performing jumps and drifts.

Think you can master all of the obstacles and challenges in the arena?

- Free-roaming game play, go wherever you like!
- Physics-based challenges including Football, Bowling and a Ball Pit
- Advanced driving engine allows for insane jumps and drifting
- Drive up walls and even ceilings if you go fast enough!
- Multiplayer Car Racing!
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