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my virtual pet gameBe your best friend, you can dress, feed, clean and play with him!Don't miss out, download your very own Virtual

My Virtual Pet Game

my virtual pet game
Be your best friend, you can dress, feed, clean and play with him!
Don't miss out, download your very own Virtual Pet today!

your new virtual pet! He's waiting for you to dress, feed, teach, clean and take care of him! Dress them up in cool outfits or take them on an amazingly cute adventure! You don't have to stay in the house with these House Pets!

You may have to clean my poop, so that i will stay in good health. You can speak to me, and if I am well being cared of, I will say some words to you. You can teach me many tricks (jumping, doing a backflip...), I am a good learner. When I will be old enough, I will even have some little babies (game goal), if your bring me to the park so that i could meet other pets. You can give pet cool and cute looks, and whenever you want share with your friends and see which one of you has the coolest pet. Moy is a fun toy for all ages.

Are you ready for your baby panda?
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