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Check your University or State Employee, Unemployment, EBT or SNAP (Food Stamp), or other payment balance on your UCard®! IF YOU HAVE A DIFFER

ITW Balance 4 UCARD Free

Check your University or State Employee, Unemployment, EBT or SNAP (Food Stamp), or other payment balance on your UCard®! IF YOU HAVE A DIFFERENT CARD FOR SNAP OR EBT, SEE OUR BALANCE CHECKER FOR EBT/SNAP: (Note: If you are in NY, your EBT and SNAP vendor has changed, and UCARD will no longer be used for your NYS EBT/SNAP benefits... to get your balance for NYS EBT/SNAP, you will need to use our 'Balance Checker for EBT/SNAP' instead)


READ THIS: You MUST have a working userid and password from Before you open this app, go to the website and login. Reset your password if necessary. Create an ID if you do not have one by clicking REGISTER FOR UCARD CENTER. Once you know you have a working ID and Password, open the app and log in! If you have any problems, please email

If you have a Puerto Rico or Montana EBT card, PLEASE contact us at as we are trying to create apps for these and need test users!


Many states, universities, and other organizations use UCard®* debit cards for distributing payments, including EBT benefits such as SNAP Food Stamps (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program/Food Stamps), unemployment, and cash benefits. Getting your EBT card balance from a smartphone via browser directly from their website ( has been difficult... until now! ITW Balance Checker for UCard lets registered users log in and view their balance quickly with just a PIN# they set up.

If you find this App useful please consider leaving positive feedback. If you have a problem, please send a support request to or call our lab at 631.610.9635. Thanks for your support!

iPhone version coming soon!

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*DISCLAIMER: The UCard® is issued by Chase Bank. UCard® is a registered trademark of JPMorgan Chase & Co. The developers of this application are in no way affiliated with JPMorgan Chase & Co. or the developers of the UCard® website.
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