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We are now:
The Official Repeater Directory of RAC Canada
The Official Repeater Directory App of RSGB UK
The Official

RFinder Worldwide Repeater Dir

We are now:
The Official Repeater Directory of RAC Canada
The Official Repeater Directory App of RSGB UK
The Official Repeater Directory of ARS Italia
The Official Repeater Directory of FMRE Mexico
The Official Repeater Directory of DARC Germany
The Official Repeater Directory of URE Spain

NOW RFinder Routing is integrated with RT Systems radio programmers! Your subscription bought here by installing this app gives you access in RT...just make sure RT is updated to the latest version by pressing Help-Update. Click File-External Data->RFinder Web Search and click Route! Easy as pie to program your radio now for a trip you are taking with just a few easy clicks...check out the tutorial video at

NOW INCLUDES SOCIAL FUNCTIONS!!!! In the repeater detail screen, click the I AM HERE button. All users will see that you are on that machine! This can be used to find your friends or a machine with a user on it. In Application settings you can turn on APRS posting. This posts your current position with the repeater you are checked into. Soon there will be a repeater view that shows local checkins and another that shows worldwide checkins that have EchoLink or IRLP.

Over 50,000 repeaters and growing in 178 countries! Now the Official Repeater Directory of Canada and Radio Society of Great Britain!

RFinder (Repeater Finder), the premier Ham Radio repeater locating tool for Amateur Radio operators, allows you to find repeaters all over the world based on your current location or a specified location. It allows sorting by distance or by Trustee callsign as well as filtering by band and radius in miles or kilometers.

Social functions! Let other hams know you are on a repeater through RFinder AND APRS (optional)! Find an EchoLink node in RFinder and call it with one click via EchoLink! Automatic data updates as you move!

Repeater Finder (RFinder) taps into The World Wide Repeater Directory, including IRLP and EchoLink information.

Our Amateur Radio repeater locator database is growing daily.

Access to the Directory is included for one year then it will be an annual subscription for $9.99, and your subscription works for all platforms...Android, iPhone/iPad/iPod, and radio programmers, as well as Each purchase of a new platform advances your annual to a year from that new purchase date. Windows Phone is coming!

If we do not have your repeaters listed...please do not refund or give us a bad rating...add repeaters at or request an add or update from the app.. Don't forget LAT/LON (in decimal), use periods as decimals, please.

The application accesses our Worldwide Repeater Directory and scanner directory for Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) but only stores information for repeaters within approximately 80 miles (125 km) from your location on your handheld at any one time, saving you room on your device and allowing distance calculation and mapping features to operate smoothly. It uses geolocation either via cell tower triangulation, GPS or manual location entry (so you can look up the repeaters you will use on vacation or business trips, etc.).

If anyone has lists of Amateur Radio repeaters from their countries we would love to incorporate that into our database.

Worldwide IRLP and Echolink nodes.

We support Android 2.2 and above!

Planned Future Developments
Posting repeater checkins to Twitter!

Contact us if you need apps created that are back-ended by IBM Lotus Domino, or any other database! Yes, Tablets!
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