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Content Rating: Teen

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Simulate how it would be to download downloadable DLC content in this whacky simulator game that really is a fps game with next-gen graphics and cool guns and three different enemies but unfortunately lacks on the maymay front so it is not as fun as the predecessor MLG Simulator but still pretty cool and you can get kill streaks and cool stuff and it features a sniper and an assault rifle and much more so you get some variation in the cool gameplay but it is still the same concept as the last game even though it is a new game and this time it features 3D guns and not just 2D stuff so it is an advancement in graphical fidelity and you can even have high weapon field of view so that you can feel like a pro and if you are still reading this I applaud you since the game also features graphical adjustments like particle count and object count so even though you have a crappy phone you can probably still play this new game that has many buttons and and many maps and even two different game modes so you won't get bored quick and even a killstreak meter thanks for reading brb.

Additional information:
- All third-party media is used with the original author(s) permission.
- Change weapon, camo and perk via the "loadout" button.
- Change map, gamemode and much more via the "many setings wow" button.
- Find out more by clicking the questionmark.
- Bloody screen is spook, watch out.
- Chat is not real people...

What people say about DLC Simulator:
"Great banter" - Richard
"I tip le fedora" - Jack
"Very adult" - Ethan
"Tumbling" - Nan
"Sick wobs" - Sonny
"( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" - ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
"Is this a new game?" - Mom

Big thanks to h3h3productions and Holder / MajorLeagueWobs, this game would have been much worse without them. Links to these peeps are in the game!

YouTube @h3h3productions
Twitter @h3h3productions
Facebook @h3h3productions

Holder / MajorLeagueWobs:
SoundCloud @Major​League​Wobs
Twitter @Major​League​Wobs
YouTube @strangeholder
App Email:
App Website:

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