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★ SURE Universal™ Simplifies Your Life ★ SURE Universal is simply the best FREE Universal Remote control for

SURE Universal Remote

★ SURE Universal™ Simplifies Your Life ★

SURE Universal is simply the best FREE Universal Remote control for your home appliances and digital media. It uses the infra-red for easy control of TVs, cable boxes, and even air conditioners. You can use WiFi to control Smart TVs and media streamers. Also using SURE Universal, you can stream pictures and videos from your phone to a smart TV.

★ SURE Universal Remote is Simple to Setup and Easy to Use ★
You can define all your home appliances and digital media within minutes and remove your old clunky remotes that get lost and easily break.

★ SURE Universal - Remote Control for Most Devices ★

SURE Universal works with the latest models of smartphones using a built-in Infra-Rred (IR) blaster, such as, Samsung, LG, and HTC phones. SURE Universal is both a WiFi and IR remote and will replace your remotes for:
- TV
- Smart TV: LG and Samsung
- Cable and Set-Top Box
- Air Condtioner (AC)
- Streamer: Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast
- AV Receiver
- Disc Player and DVD
- Projector
- Home Automation: iRobot and LED lights

★ Stream Photos and Videos from Your Phone to a Smart TV ★
SURE Universal uses WiFi to control Smart TVs and media streamers, including the mouse and keyboard. Also, you can send pictures and videos from your phone to a smart TV. You favorite photos and videos look good on your phone but they will look spectacular on a large high-resolution TV screen. Please give this amazing feature a try.

★ SURE Universal - Custom Systems ★
SURE Universal has introduced the concept of the device "system" which is a group of devices that can be controlled simultaneously. For example you can have one SURE “System” for your living room which replaces your existing Smart TV remote, cable box remote and AV receiver remote. One click will turn all of these devices on or off resulting in a “one-button remote” solution.

★ SURE Customer Support ★
We answer all customer requests and suggestions. Please write a review on Google Play or write to us

We maintain a large database of approximately one million IR appliances, however, some devices may be missing. If you can’t find your device please send your device brand and model to

For training please see our Support and Training section:

★ Known Issues ★
1. Our custom systems cannot include both WiFi and IR devices.
2. Streaming doesn't work on Samsung Tizen 2015 TVs.
3. Notification widget currently only works for IR TVs, streamers and STBs .

★ User Permissions ★
We have a strict privacy policy (see the web site link below), with no unauthorized access to user data, and no sign-in required to operate the remote control. When installing we ask user permissions for the following:

1. Identity - for billing in case you want to subscribe to the ad-free version
2. Location - only course location is used (not GPS). For advertising and future IoT
3. Photos/Media/Files - for streaming from the phone to a Smart TV.
4. Microphone - access to the microphone for voice commands in a smart TV
5. WiFi - for connecting to a Smart TV
6. Device ID & Call Info - for muting a Smart TV when your phone rings (enabled via settings)
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