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Prepare to harness the power of candy and match your way to victory on Dream Candy Planet!

Dream Candy Planet

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Prepare to harness the power of candy and match your way to victory on Dream Candy Planet!
64 candies ready to explode, collectable candy sets and challenges.
One of the best ways to wait for stuff in real life!

Dream Candy Planet (Match-3 Genre)


Exploding Joy
Classic mode features unlimited levels with bonus zombie rounds and new ones to be added.
Match columns or rows of 3 for points and exploding combo candy action.
Match more than 3 to create specials.
4= Star candy (explodes 8 candies)
5= Unicorn (takes out all of one candy type you move it to)
T or L shape= Electric candy (takes out an entire row and column)

Hardcore candy
Conquer time with levels of speed and skill. Make your move before the timer hits '0'.
No hints to guide the way and as you progress every two levels, the timer shortens (until you reach 1sec). There is always a move, you just need to be quick enough to make it!
If you reach the 1 sec timer, it becomes a test of how long you can maintain it.
Also the further you go, the more points you need to level.

Enlightenment in a far off universe
Forever mode never runs out of moves, relax and play as long as you want.
Forever mode isn't really about the points, it's about zoning out and maximizing combos.
You can even just watch the floating candy if you like!

Candy Changer
Over 8 collectable candy sets to use in Forever Mode. Collect them all by getting special badges throughout the game.

Mini levels
Special stand-alone levels, each featuring a unique mission with different gameplays. Currently available are the Halloween, Christmas, 'Wild Man' and 'The Traveller' special mini-levels.

Become the ultimate master of the candy-verse
Earn super sweet badges and stand victorious among the stars.
10 badges with new ones being added.

-Collectible candy sets that can be used in forever mode via the ‘candy changer’.
-Cool music and sound FX.
-Hints are active on all modes except hardcore. Don’t need hints ever? cool, you can disable them in settings.
-Extra content, new badges and mini-levels.
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