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Sick of your boring stock keypad dialer ? You want to add a touch of retro and originality to your smartphone ?
Old School Rot

Old School Rotary Dialer

Sick of your boring stock keypad dialer ? You want to add a touch of retro and originality to your smartphone ?

Old School Rotary Dialer is for you !

Enjoy 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s old phone classic styles with Rotary Dialer. It enables to you a retro old school dialer with all the features of moderns dialers. A perferct mix between 20th century and 21th century.

Turn the rotary and dial your contacts and friends. If it takes too long to use rotary dialer, a quick dial mode is available to make you return to 21th century.

Features :
- Complete dialer features
- Realistic vibration effect when dial number
- Enable / Disable sound effect when dial number
- Quick dialer
- Touch center and call phone icon to dial
- Area to display number
- Backspace-function
- Reset-function
- Completion for phone number
- Contacts list
- Add contact
- Call logs
- Choose call logs history limit
- USSD Codes support

Permissions :
VIBRATE for Vibration when dial number
CALL_PHONE to call when number has been entered
READ_CONTACTS to access contacts list
READ_CALL_LOG to display call logs
READ_PHONE_STATE for IMEI Code support

Rotary Dialer is the best choice to custom your phone in an retro and class way. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want new features on Old School Rotary Dialer. Use email :

A pro version with no ads is also available :

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