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Kids Sand Draw - Doodle with Sand! Another doodling game produced by Flying Mesh.

Kids Sand Draw -Doodle w Sand

Kids Sand Draw - Doodle with Sand!

Another doodling game produced by Flying Mesh.
This time, let's Doodle with Sand!!

Mary wants to draw a special picture..
Easy but not that simple.. Pretty but not too complex..
A little bit mystical..
Fancy and fun..
She's starting with Kids Sand Draw now~

With Kids Sand Draw, you can use 3 categories of novel "paint" brushes to start the doodling:
* First, use different types of Glue brushes to draw the graphs or outlines;
* Then, choose a Sand brush to paint on the screen, and start to WOW~;
* Besides, you can surely draw with normal paint brushes;
* Try to make a combination in many ways, till the dreamland in your heart came out perfectly!

And you can also:
* Load your own pictures as background.
* Select your favorite from the particles and the candy colors, or... just see what Kids Glow can bring you!
* Save the paintings to the album and share with your family!
* Undo any stroke if you don't like it, or just shake the phone to clear all.
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