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Background image can be set as pictures taken with camera or image file.

Music Player Hearts Wallpaper

★★ background image can be set as pictures taken with camera or image file. Supports both tablets and smartphones.
Google Plus users can upload photos directly available for post image and photo tab.

★ When you touch the heart and move the hand sideways hearts are.

★ user-selected music or songs, you can listen to audio files on the home screen. If an empty space on the home screen, double tap (double touch), the music player is playing. One more double tap again to stop.

★ You can choose only one song or audio file. Please choose what they want to hear, or favorite.
Added the repeat playback function. If you set the repeat count from 1 to 100 times as much as the number set to repeat playback automatically.

During a call, a call or play is stopped automatically peuleyieo media.
Audio files can be played regardless of the size of the file being played, since the path of the files stored in the user's smart phone. (Music, song, music, class lectures, lectures, Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese painting time study)

★ Try to find the time.
- Love you, she thought it clicks, it clicks think the old memories, when you propose to your girlfriend or confession once laid BGM started.
- Tell Me Baby by recording a song or voice that Mom and Dad Cries like a baby. Teach you how to double-tap to give children alone Bye.
- When you wake up in the morning and before sleeping at night, in the bathroom, when bored, after dinner, to break from the company, when depressed, sleepy time while studying, when you accidentally press the home button, after the end of exercise, walking or when jogging, when you want to hear the voice of a loved one, when the fish are not caught when naksihal, hard time, when you're tired, nap in your sleep, when you go traveling nice and I saw a beautiful scenery
- Class lectures are in audio files, lectures, conversation when studying

Please after you press the Import music files from the Settings pop-up window is coming up, select Save from the pop-up window and click Done.

★ The audio files are stored on the PC can be used to upload media files to Google Drive, or connect to your PC via USB and then save it to the Music folder on your smartphone or tablet storage. You can play the audio format such as mp3, wav files.

★ background image of the home screen, you can set the two images so that you can use the horizontal and vertical images in the smartphone and tablet in landscape mode is supported.

★ Decorate your family or a friend, a lover, a self-camera pictures, your favorite celebrity star, cute pets, animated images, beautiful and stunning scenery taken trips go, wallpaper with photos of your favorite sports player.

★ You can change the orientation of the heart in the setting. Size of the heart, speed, number of rooms, etc. can be set.

★ press the image horizontally and vertically Import from when setting when changing the background image.
Coming up with a pop-up screen to select the photo gallery, please select a "once". "Always" is one of the two you select does not use. If by mistake you can always click the Reset your preferences in the app manager in settings of your smartphone. When you select an image, a pop-up window that appears, select the Crop tool. Crop tool, you can select anything. After a complete image editing and press Save to save the image.

★ Heart, which means love is and was originally a symbol of love. The hearts are derived from the French word for heart kwereu means that the Holy Grail holds a bowl of red wine in Christianity. The wine is heart to symbolize the blood of Jesus that was a bowl containing the red blood of Jesus. Hart is a mark that symbolizes love red blood boiling jinyeot the sacred symbolic meaning of the Holy Grail that combines the bowl that holds the heart and blood eotneunde heart naturally over the years since he has been seen as a source of love hearts. Try to start the day today with hearts. Free App!
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