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Quick Description:
This app is the only stopwatch for classic and sport oldtimer uniformity rally.



This app is the only stopwatch for classic and sport oldtimer uniformity rally.

The Pro and Ultra-Version is one of the most comprehensive on the market.
In a single app, the 7 most important applications for oldtimer rally are included:

1. Synchronized clock
2. a stopwatch with a split-precision of 1/100 second
3. countdown with a Split-precision of 1/100 second
4. tripmaster
5. speedmeter that shows you the average speed of the test
6. Speedpilot
7. Speedometer

1. Synchronized clock
The clock can be synchronized with GPS, atomic time or manual.

2. Stoppuhr-Modus
The stopwatch has the splitting function: each time you press the start-button, the stopwatch stops and starts all over again to count.
The result is recorded in a window and can be viewed afterwards.
You can also activate a beep for every second - it also works with a headset.
The reset-button resets the window with the results.

3. Countdown-Modus
The countdown with 1/100 second accuracy, works at single and concatenated mode.
When you insert the time of the tests, you can define that the departure occurs automatically or manually.
Each time you press the start-button, the current countdown stops and the next one starts.
The result is recorded in a window and can be viewed afterwards.
The reset-button resets the results-window and reactivates the stored times.
You can enter different stages with different sectors so that the concatenated mode only from sector to sector.
After the last sector, the timer stops and the green button is disabled.
To reactivate the "Start" you press the "Stop".

4. Tripmaster
The Tripmaster, operating with activated GPS, indicates the speed of the entire mileage and trip odometer at every meter exactly (you can reset it with by touching the text "touch to reset").
In the countdown-mode is the text "touch to reset" invisible.

5. Speedmeter
The speedmeter can show you the average speed of navigation
from the 1st start and also from the current.

6. Speedpilot
Visible only on tablets in the horizontal orientation.
The Speedpilot is a lite version of my App Speedpilot-Pro.
Speedpilot indicates the average speed not only with nummeri but visually also like a semaphore.
Note, however, that this feature is unlocked only after you have purchased the app Speedpilot-Pro.

7. Speedometer
Displays the current speed .

All entered time-stages will be saved if you exit the program.
Thereforce you can use these times for the next race.

You can use for the Start, the green software button "Start" or the Volume keys DOWN or UP (+ -).
The usage of the volume buttons can be activated/disabled via app-settings .

For the start can be used of an external button.
This button is available in two versions, as USB and Bluetooth.
Further information at:

Limitations of the Lite version:
* No more than 3 countdown timers are created.
* No more than 3 Stop-Timer are created.
* All entered time-stages will not saved if you exit the program!

System requirements:
The app will appear on each display - but I recommend devices with display from a size of 3.7".

Supported languages:
German, Italian, English
App Email:
App Website:

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