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Shoot Bottles lets you do what you always wanted to: going into a bar and shoot as many bottles as you can!

Shoot Bottles

Shoot Bottles lets you do what you always wanted to: going into a bar and shoot as many bottles as you can! Witness the bottles explode and spill over this glamorous cocktail bar as you shoot them one by one. Beer, Vodka, Wine, Whiskey, and Champagne bottles: shoot them all! Observe your shooting skills improve every round, until you become a shooting expert.

Drag your finger anywhere across the screen to move the crosshair. Aim to the bottles and shoot them!

***50 ROUNDS MODE***
Shoot all the bottles on the bar before time runs out, just to see more bottles appear waiting to be shot. How many rounds can you survive? Get more points by shooting bottles consecutively without missing a shot. Complete all the 50 rounds to become the shooting master and set a new record.

Shoot 50 bottles as fast as you can!

No aiming, just tap the bottles with your finger to destroy them. The fingers never felt so powerful!

-3 Games modes: 50 Rounds, 50 Bottles and Tap Bottles
- Glamorous HD bar scenery
- 5 different bottle design: Beer, Vodka, Wine, Whiskey & Champagne
- Gorgeous bottle explosion animation
- Realistic shooting and bottle explosion sounds.
-100 % Free (we also hate those In-app purchases)

No bottles were harmed during the making of this game!
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