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The #1 played game in the Middle East and even outside the Middle East.

Tarneeb Lite

** Please note that this is Lite version (limited functionality with ads in the form of notifications/icons) **

The #1 played game in the Middle East and even outside the Middle East.

Tarneeb, Tarnib, or even Trumps is a hearts like game. the game is played in teams and the winner team has to win the bid or break the other team bid. Very addictive game and a great one to kill some time anywhere you are.

This app allows you to play full game once per day up to score of 31 and it has:
- Single mode
- Online Mode
- LeaderBoard for both single and online modes

This is for trial purpose before you get the full version. It also contains Ads.

If you like it then please buy the full version which is the the ads-free full game in addition to the fact that it has many more features such as more music and sound effects (which you can turn off), ability to change carpet design and ability to resume game if you exit by mistake.
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