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Categories: Puzzle

Content Rating: Everyone 10+

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The most complete slider puzzle!

Custom Slider Puzzle

The most complete slider puzzle!

Two types of games:

The classic slider puzzle where one square is empty and you solve by juggling around the squares using that empty square.

The second game starts off with a shuffled image only in this one you have no empty squares. You slide the squares from left/right or up/down while sliding a whole row or column at a time. The rows and columns then shift to the opposite end making this a truly challenging puzzle.

Over 120 images to choose from
with categories including:
Famous Buildings and Structures
and Fruits and Veggies

Or make your custom puzzle and choose from your own images.

Keep it simple with a slider puzzle in a 3 x 3 grid or go crazy with a 20 x 30 puzzle.

Includes a save game option to finish your custom puzzle later.
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