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Categories: Arcade

Content Rating: Everyone

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Exostag is proud to present our very first Android game:Squares! We hope that you will enjo


Exostag is proud to present our very first Android game:

We hope that you will enjoy it!

*** Note:
We released a new version with (what we think) is a
better speed configuration, to enhance the gaming
Please comment what you think ;)

When Squares! reaches enough hits, we promise to add a WORLDWIDE high-scores table!


Try to collect as much BLACK squares as you can with your fingertip.

Avoid hitting RED squares, for then you will lose.

You will soon see that hitting a circle, RED or BLACK, is different from hitting a square;

RED circles will make the game more difficult and challenging.
BLACK circles however, will grant you special bonuses of all kinds

Raise your finger of the screen at any point in the game to pause it.

Enjoy! =]
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