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Play as a Cadet in Trevor Sorensen's Star Fleet Deluxe Universe.

Star Fleet Deluxe Cadet

Play as a Cadet in Trevor Sorensen's Star Fleet Deluxe Universe.

Star Fleet Deluxe is a strategic interplanetary war game in the Star Fleet series, which to date has included Star Fleet I – The War Begins!, Star Fleet II – Krellan Commander, and Star Legions. This series chronicles the life and death struggle for control of our galaxy during Galactic War II. This conflict is a crusade of revenge by the Krellan Empire, allied with the Zaldron Empire, to destroy the democratic United Galactic Alliance (UGA), which had humiliated the Krellans during the first galactic war (“the galactic war to end all galactic wars”).

The Earth is the principal member of the UGA, which has a sphere of influence of approximately 320 light years in diameter, occupying a volume of approximately 17 million cubic light years. The UGA consists of 395 inhabited member planets, of which 27 are home worlds, 185 are colonies (both dependent and independent), and 183 are pioneer planets (only with outposts and bases).

The Krellan Empire is a warrior-based society. Krellans are warm-blooded humanoids and as a race are extremely aggressive and courageous. They live to conquer and eradicate the weaker intelligent species from the galaxy, except for use as their slaves. Krellans do have a strong sense of honor and duty. For a Krellan to die in battle is the greatest honor of all. Thus the old Krellan motto: “To live is to conquer and to conquer is to live!” This philosophy that is ingrained in their society and taught to them from birth is what makes them such a dangerous enemy. Until their stunning setback in Galactic War I, when they were humbled by the UGA, they had never known defeat. That is why they are consumed by a burning obsession for revenge during the current war.

Star Fleet Deluxe (SFD) is set in the time period between Star Fleet I, in which the 36 UGA Invincible-class heavy cruisers first encountered the Krellan Piranha-class destroyers, and Star Fleet II, which is the full-blown invasion of UGA space using the entire might of the Krellan fleet, including troopships for invading UGA planets. In SFD the UGA still only has its individual heavy cruisers to throw at the invasion, but they are now faced with the second attack wave of the Krellans. This wave has supplemented the destroyer scouts with battle fleets, each of which consists of a powerful Klagar-class battlecruiser with four destroyer escorts, and supply fleets, each consisting of a Nebula-class supply ship with one or more destroyer escorts. As before, individual Zaldron ships with their cloaking devices add an additional dangerous element to the struggle. Star Fleet I was set entirely in the exploration zone of the UGA. By the time of SFD, the Krellans have driven the UGA ships back into the Defensive Zone, and their objective during the game is to reach and destroy the colonies in the Colonial Zone. Following this second wave of attack ships will be a third wave of invasion fleets to actually invade and conquer the UGA colonies and planets deeper in UGA space. In SFD, your aim is to stop the Krellan attack and drive them out of UGA territory. At this stage of the Krellan master invasion plan, they are not ready for a do or die attack. Their overall strategic objective is more than just destroying a few starbases and colonies, so they will retreat if they perceive that you have gotten the upper hand and their losses will be excessive if they continue.

Your mission in SFD is to take command of a UGA Invincible-class heavy cruiser and defend the 81 quadrants of an assigned region of space against the expected Krellan attack. You are to protect any colonies within your assigned region until the main UGA fleet can arrive to relieve you. If possible, you are to not only stop the Krellan and Zaldron invaders, but are to drive them back out of the region. For your support there will be a number of Guardian-class starbases located in the defensive
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